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The Slackware Linux Project

MLED is based on Slackware Linux, and here's Slackware's official homepage. Like the distribution itself, the site hasn't changed much over the years, and its bone-headed appearance conveys much of the spirit of Slackware: Keep It Simple Stupid. The site isn't updated very frequently, to say the least, and some of the information it contains - like the FAQ and the documentation - is outdated. New versions of Slackware are announced on the site's homepage. In the meantime, you might want to take a closer look at the Slackware ChangeLogs page to keep up with the latest developments and updates. Eventually, head over to the Slackware Store to buy a Slackware installation DVD or CD-Rom or take a subscription. Hardcore fans can order vital things like t-shirts, baseball caps, bumper stickers and bottle openers on that page.

The Slackware Documentation Project

The Slackware Documentation Project

Slackware Linux is not a hold-your-hand distribution, it's a bare-bones system without any configuration assistants. Which means reading the documentation is mandatory. The Slackware Documentation Project is your first and most important resource for installing, configuring and using Slackware Linux. If you're new to Slackware, take a look at the Getting Started with Slackware section. Advanced users will find a wealth of information in the HOWTO Collection. The project has been initiated by Slackware contributor Eric Hameleers, who is also hosting the site and acting as chief editor.

Compared to popular distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or openSUSE, the Slackware Linux distribution comes with a relatively reduced set of packages, but it can be easily expanded by building packages from source without tossing a wrench in the package manager. provides most of the stuff that's commonly missing in Slackware. Rather than hosting pre-built binary packages, the site sports a repository with thousands of build scripts that automate the build process. MLED makes heavy use of's build scripts and modifies them as needed.

Eric Hameleers

Alien Pastures

Slackware Linux is officially a one-man project led by Patrick Volkerding, but it has many unofficial contributors. Eric Hameleers is without contest the most prolific member of the Slackware Team, with important contributions like 64-bit Slackware, the KDE desktop environment, the Slackware Documentation Project, countless third-party packages or the Slackware Live Edition. Alien Pastures is Eric's technical blog, where he thinks out loud about his work. Slackware users will find a wealth of information on his site, which has been awarded the Best FOSS & Linux Blog Award in 2013. Aside from purely technical information, you'll find a joyful hodge-podge from cooking recipes to writings about science-fiction books and movies.